Hermann inherited his absolute love for the mountains from his grandfather, Battista. He has an authentic vocation for exploring, and to preserve the environment. His greatest desire is to communicate his knowledge and passion. He has been a ski instructor since 1976, and was a member of the Italian National Ski team, competing in downhill and alpine races. In 1983 he also became a mountain guide. Hermann never ceased to deepen his knowledge of the Dolomites, and in the most scenic slopes and mountain peaks around the world. Being a guide and a Ski instructor is a life passion that goes well beyond the great professionalism and the teaching of techniques. Hermann dedicates at least one full day when he meets with his guests. His goal is to provide them with an everlasting experience of the mountains. Friendships are frequently fostered, sometimes spanning for decades.  “My greatest joy is when new experiences and emotions are shared in the mountains.”

"You can follow my adventures in extreme skiing, ice and rock climbing
with the live videos I post on YouTube”




Cell: + 39 335 8061422