Welcome as we say in our Ladin language.

For three generations, Villa Frainela has been our family's home. Our grandparents, Teresa and Battista built it in 1930. They were amongst the pioneers of hospitality and mountaineering in the Val Gardena. The pleasure of discovering and hosting has become a family tradition. Hermann became a ski instructor and a mountain guide with international experience. In 1990, Daniela converted the villa into the first ever Tea room in the valley. Her love for authentic traditions meets her taste and curiosity as a traveller. Our wish is that you make this your home in the Dolomites, for whatever time you decide to spend here with us.

Daniela and Hermann Comploj




The Villa Frainela Tea room was literally born from a dream Daniela had.
“The proverbial inspiration came one night in a tent, after a hike. Why not open the grandparents' home to guests, and share my passion for cuisine and hospitality? I grew up in a family of bakers and my father was a pastry chef. For me, the fragrance of bread and cakes baking in the oven is heavenly. A feeling of exquisiteness and pleasure that we can only experience in our childhood. Why not, then, dedicate my time to discovering new and ageless emotions in the kitchen? And why not share them with new friends coming to the Dolomites from all corners of the world?
“For almost thirty years I have been fortunate to welcome you to our home,
and spoil you with new creations everyday.”




From Wednesday to Monday from 12pm to 7pm, we offer a choice of about twenty different sweet and savoury cakes and pies, soups, selections of cheeses and cold cuts, salads and seasonal dishes. Everything is prepared daily by Daniela, who selects the ingredients from small and local organic producers. You can also choose from one of our homemade hot or cold beverages, tea from our exclusive selection, coffee, or a range of wine or beer. 

“Every day I enter the kitchen before dawn, and I let my imagination and memories guide me in creating the dishes of the day. I am happy to share with you the traditional flavours from South Tyrol, as well as innovative creations, often inspired by my travels.”






When the weather is warm and pleasant, we always recommend to sit in the terrace to enjoy the scents from the meadows, and the glorious view of the mountains surrounding us. When it snows or when the weather is chilly, we gather our guests in the stube, the living room, which is the heart of a traditional South Tyrol home. The atmosphere is contemporary, and Daniela constantly perfects the décor with new elements. We restored with care the vintage boiserie and the traditional wood stove.

“Lighting up the stove is an art I was taught when I was a child.
This stove diffuses a special kind of warmth, that soothes much more than cold hands and noses after a day of skiing up in the mountains.”